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Products Overview

Summit Spray LiquiTech© |Water Proofing Spray

Now introducing Summit Spray LiquiTech© the multipurpose solution for your waterproofing needs. This versatile product can be used on a variety of clothing types from shoes to shirts, cotton to spandex, rubber to leather we have you covered. Designed to secure and protect this product is creates a barrier which prevent liquids from penetrating through the material for 48 hours per application.



Summit Spray LiquiTech© Security | BulletProof

If you are deep behind enemy lines and need a little extra protection or you grew up in a dangerous area and want to make it to school without a worry, Summit Co’s new LiquiTech© Security is perfect for all your safety needs. Summit’s new Security spray is our best feat of technology to date. Through the use of nanotechnology, we have been able to bond our LiquiTech© formula with liquid Kevlar to form a bullet resistant layer on any item you decide to spray. Simply spray your item of choice and wait 20 minutes for the spray to bond to your item. After the spray has bonded with your item, it is now able to withstand the dangers you may face.

Summit Spray LiquiTech© Invisibility

After going through millions of dollars and spending years of research, we here at Summit discovered a new formula which has given us the ability to make a ground breaking spray that would make the likes of Batman jealous. Using Summit Corp’s new LiquiTech© Invisibility Spray, the power of invisibility is now in your hands!

Using advanced formulation technology, this spray has the power to help you conceal your appearance. After application of our spray, you can watch as our revolutionary technology starts to work, it’s almost like magic! The micro-particles in the spray bond to the surface you apply to and reflect light, almost like tiny mirrors. This allows for your appearance to be concealed. After a short activation period you will become invisible for 2 hours before needing to reapply our amazing spray.(coming soon)

invisable spray.png


Summit Spray LiquiTech© Antigravity

The ability to reach the stars is here, just a few quick sprays onto your feet and you will be floating through the air! Summit has been developing its sprays for a long time and this product has been an idea of ours since the start. We have recently discovered the secret to formulating the LiquiTech© AntiGravity Spray and are now releasing it to the public. Using micro-particles, which have a lower mass than oxygen, we have been able to create a spray that bonds to any surface. After spraying the item, the object will float in air almost like a life jacket floating in water. It’ll withstand all the elements such as rain, wind, and snow. Results are guaranteed for 2 hours before the need to reapply. (coming soon)

Summit Spray LiquiTech© Speed

When running to save people from danger you want to reach them as soon as possible, or you’re trying to get the edge on a race we have you covered with LiquiTech© Speed. Along with our other amazing sprays, we here at Summit have developed a product that is guaranteed to make the user instantly faster. Our world-class scientists have been able to create a spray using the state of the art LiquiTech formula with micro particles that reduce friction. This spray can bond to any surface like our other sprays with the additional benefit of making the object near frictionless. With frictionless surfaces you need not worry about anything but the power you can put out. Running, skating, biking, and swimming without friction makes these activities become a lot easier. Our spray is so effective we have found on average the user will become 40% faster in any activity they choose to use the spray with. It’s as easy as spray, wait, and go. For the next 2 hours you will be going the fastest you have ever gone. After 2 hours just reapply if you want to continue the experience. (coming soon)



Summit Spray LiquiTech© Strength

Imagine the ability to lift your car, move mountains, or swim across the Atlantic. The time is here for you to gain your strength. Due to the discovery of modified protein enzymes that can bond to human cells, Summit has been able to create a spray that allows the user to gain immense strength. LiquiTech© Strength has the ability to  multiply the muscle mass of any human who is exposed to the spray. Simply spray and watch as it absorbs through your skins and feel the immense strength come to you within minutes. The spray will quickly increase muscle mass and peak in strength at three times your regular muscle capacity. After your muscles peak the spray will begin to wear off. Although you cannot add more to gain strength while you are under the effects of the spray, you can reapply to regain the strength after the effects have worn off. (coming soon)