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Everyone has questions, here are your answers (we hope). If your questions are not listed below feel free to ask your questions at the bottom and we will contact you as soon as possible!


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What is LiquiTech©?

LiquiTech© is a revolutionary new technology which has many applications. Using state of the art nano technology we have been able to create many sprays that are able to help protect you and your personal items from hazards.

Why choose Summit?

Being the only company that sells this type of product, we have no major competitors meaning that we can keep our prices low and affordable for our customers! We also value our customers input and are transparent with our goals and products. Additionally we put a bit of every sale into helping better the environment.

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Additional Questions

How long does it last?

One 5 minute application lasts 48 hours

How can I buy it?

Right here through our websites shop tab

Is it tasteless?

Yes but do not drink our sprays as it is not healthy

What happens if it is ingested/gets in eyes?

If ingested be sure to quickly drink a glass of water to dilute try to rise out mouth. Additionally if it our spray makes contact with your eyes simply rise your eyes promptly and everything will be ok.

Does it only waterproof material?

No it does not. Our sprays are used for many things depending on which spray you buy.

Is it safe for electronics?

Our spray is safe for electronics but if you want to waterproof your electronics be sure to buy our electronic spray as our base product will not harm or help your device.

Can I spray my head and breathe underwater?

Unfortunately you can’t breathe underwater using our product.

Does it irritate skin?

No it does not our sprays are nontoxic.

Will Summit keep coming out with products?

Yes we will be releasing new products all year be sure to follow our twitter for any news about our product releases.

What if I want it to wear off quicker than 24 hours?

If you need your item to be clear of our spray quickly simply use baking soda and water. Rise item using wash cloth or submerging item to clear off the spray.

Does it damage item that is is used on?

No it does not as our spray is nontoxic and natural.