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Summit Corporation is located in Naperville, Illinois and is happy to offer its expertise in improving the quality of life of our consumers through our newest technology: Summit Spray. We pride ourselves in setting up our clients for success by protecting the livelihood of the consumers themselves and their valuables. Summit Corp.’s new product, Summit Spray, is a revolutionary technology eliminates common inconveniences posed by water. Summit Spray improves the consumer’s quality of life by elevating the original state of the product by waterproofing it, thus maintaining a worry and stress-free environment. Summit Corp. exists to create innovative products that improve and simplify the daily lives of all consumers. Summit Corp. aims to provide quality protection for daily consumer products, bring ease and security to consumers prized goods, and provide the world with innovative products that increase the quality of products and their life span. A portion of our profits will benefit places in need of water, as we are a B Corp that values a better future for the global economy. We operate with the highest level of transparency to our consumers, accountability to the global community, and fulfillment of our goal to achieve consumer trust.

Summit Corp.’s goals consist of creating a name for ourselves and establishing credibility for our company to increase our sales, partners, and consumer trust. In the long term, Summit Corp. plans to expand our product line to further simplify the daily lives of our consumers. Our vision is to produce new tear-proof and sweat-proof sprays, that will improve the quality of their products and more importantly the quality of their lives. On behalf of the Chiefs, our goals include creating a culture of accountability, delegating responsibilities for the efficiency of the company, and to utilize our natural skills to the betterment of our company.


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 2360 95th St
Naperville, IL 60564

United States



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